Triathlon Bikes – Which Do You Ride? A Poll

There is much written about which triathlon bike is “best” for competitive riding – as if one bike could possibly be best for every person!  A recent Google search for “triathlon bicycle” turns up 38.4 million results.  It’s one thing to read critical reviews from those who don’t ride competitively, but an altogether separate thing to find out what the competitors, themselves, really think.  What better way to find out than to ask actual competitive triathletes?  Whether you already ride competitively at any level, or you intend to do so in the near future, let’s hear from you!  What do you ride?


2 responses to “Triathlon Bikes – Which Do You Ride? A Poll

  1. It seems so far (18 total votes to date) like Trek and Cervelo are what most people are riding, probably because of Lance Armstrong (Trek) and all of the triathlon wins by elite athletes riding Cervelo bikes. No doubt they both make great bikes.

    • I agree, Natalie. Over the past three days since you left this comment there have been another 12 replies bringing the total to 30 at the time of this reply and Trek and Cervelo are still the top two responses. I have no doubt they both make excellent bikes, but my eye is on Franco at the moment although I wouldn’t mind owning ANY of these top-end works of art!

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