The San Francisco Marathon – RUNNING IT!

It’s official: My 14 year-old son, Ryan, and I will be running the San Francisco Marathon on June 16th!

After running the Dallas Marathon last month we’ve been “bit with the bug” and now have our sights set squarely on San Francisco.  What’s so cool about this one, you ask?  How about being able to run 3.4 miles over the Golden Gate Bridge (1.7 miles each way) over the course of the marathon?!  This has us SO EXCITED!

The registration is complete.  I’ve booked the hotel room.  The training has already begun in earnest.  We’re motivated beyond belief.  LIFE IS GOOD!

Check out all the details for yourself on the official Wipro San Francisco Marathon website by clicking here.  Consider joining us in San Francisco this summer.

By noon on Sunday, June 16, 2013 Ryan and I should be able to confirm that the San Francisco Marathon is “Worth the Hurt!”

marathon runner



8 responses to “The San Francisco Marathon – RUNNING IT!

  1. Knock ’em dead, Tim and Ryan! Best wishes for a successful training season and marathon completion!

  2. This is a WONDERFUL goal and I wish you every success. It’s really great to see a father and son work together and participate together in achieving something so cool. Good luck!

  3. What memories you’ll be creating with your son – great! You can do anything you set your mind to do.

  4. You’re a good example of a good dad. I hope you both really enjoy yourselves. I wish you all the best with the run!

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