Dylan Armajani: A Runner’s Rules (Reblog)

I came across this article at the Huffington Post Health & Fitness section written by Dylan Armajani who is the Live Streaming Manager for AOL Studios / HuffPost Live.  Although he wrote this from a runner’s perspective, everything is equally applicable to triathletes as well.

My favorites are #15, 21-25 and 39.  Let me know in the comments section below which ones you enjoy!


“During the past eight months that I’ve been running, I’ve come up with a set of “rules.” I thought I would share them.

  1. Don’t always run by yourself.
  2. Don’t always run with people.
  3. When you run with people, start the work out on time no matter what! If people are missing, let them catch up.
  4. When you do group runs, don’t let anybody run alone (running on a track makes this easier).
  5. After group runs, grab a beer and be social. Try to not only talk about running.
  6. Don’t always run listening to music.
  7. Try running with music.
  8. Don’t look at your watch too much while you’re running.
  9. Don’t throw away the directions to your GPS watch; one day, right before a race, you will need them.
  10. Never use weather as an excuse not to run.
  11. When racing and a kid sticks their hand out, always give them a high five.
  12. At races, always say “thank you” to the volunteers.
  13. At races, always try to drop your water cup in a trash can, or at least next to it.
  14. Races are not only for those who are fast.
  15. If you are fast, after you finish, cheer on slower runners.
  16. Don’t be that guy (or girl) who shows up at every race with an excuse (e.g., feeling tired, sore, or under the weather).
  17. If somebody does show up at a race with an excuse, don’t trust them.
  18. You don’t always need to be modest about your running accomplishments as long as you spend more time congratulating others than boasting of your own achievements.
  19. When racing, don’t be afraid to go all out. And if you do fall apart, don’t sweat it. There’s always next race.
  20. Remember, winning really does mean different things to different people.
  21. Don’t compare yourself to other runners; compare yourself to the runner you were yesterday.
  22. If you want to quit, ask yourself if it is your mind or your body that wants to quit.
  23. If your mind wants to quit, don’t quit, keep pushing. Later, you will be glad you did.
  24. If your body wants to quit, don’t be afraid to stop if you feel an injury coming on. If you’re just tired, don’t quit.
  25. Preventing injuries is much easier than recovering from them.
  26. The harder you train, the better your odds will be on race days. This is always true.
  27. Try to run early; the later it becomes in the day the better the odds are of you not running that day.
  28. The runner’s “high” does exist. If you don’t believe me, run harder.
  29. If you feel like giving up, ask yourself if you have anything else to give. I bet the answer is yes.
  30. If you’re having a bad day, make sure to run. It’s a guaranteed way to improve your day. A bad day with a run is better than a bad day without a run.
  31. You can’t plan for great runs. They just happen.
  32. A terrible run can quickly turn into a great run.
  33. Once you’re having a great run, it can’t become a terrible run. Even if you feel terrible, you will feel great later.
  34. Never take shortcuts while running.
  35. On training runs, never avoid hills.
  36. Always believe that tomorrow you can run farther and faster.
  37. While running, you can run short or far, fast or slow. Change it up, do something slightly different every day.
  38. Don’t take running too seriously. Don’t define your life by running. Do make it a big part of your life.
  39. Running can greatly improve your quality of life.
  40. Always run with a few spare dollars. You never know when you will need it.
  41. All runners are equal; running is about much more than speed and distance.
  42. Don’t be afraid to register for a race before beginning training.
  43. Don’t worry about what you look like when you’re running.
  44. Make goals for each run and finish them.
  45. You may not feel great during each run, but if you finish you will feel happiness. It’s almost impossible to feel bad after you finish running.
  46. The hardest part of running is getting outside.
  47. Don’t try to over-complicate things too much — just go out and run.”

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