Tim Flannery’s personal blog primarily about my journey from average to fit to Ironman with other assorted musings, thoughts and commentary as well – sometimes witty, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes amusing, sometimes playful, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes agreeable, sometimes disagreeable, always real. All thoughts, opinions and comments are entirely my own unless otherwise specified. Contact me through my LinkedIn.com webpage at http://www.linkedin.com/in/timflannery should you desire to do so.

About Tim:

An imperfect follower of my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, trying my best to shine the love and light He has placed within me to all others, whether I agree with them or not. My belief: I have been forgiven much, therefore I am able to forgive others. Husband for over 21 years to Linda. Father of Renee-20, Rebecca-19, Ryan-14. Friend to everyone and anyone who desires friendship without drama or unrealistic expectations. Corporate executive whose corporate career has spanned multiple industries and 16 years at present. US Navy veteran (1986-1997) and once again an actively drilling US Navy Reserve officer (2011-present) after 14 years out of uniform. Continuously striving to improve and better myself through continuing formal education, fitness, nutrition, exercise, self-improvement and setting and overcoming goals and challenges. P90X graduate x4. Eating approximately 75% raw vegan – or “plant strong” as Rich Roll refers to it – and loving it. Dallas marathon finisher (2012). Strongly considering running the San Francisco marathon June 16, 2013. Triathlete-in-training, anticipating completing first half-iron distance triathlon (70.3 miles) in 2013. Future IRONMAN triathlete (140.6 miles)!


Bicycling, swimming, being outdoors, spending as much time with my family as possible, a strong sense of duty, honor, courage, commitment and conviction, serving a cause greater than yourself, sunny days in summer and snowfall in winter, people sincere about seeking truth, healthy people, being sincerely complimented, shooting sports, learning new things, being challenged, Vitamix, setting and exceeding goals in all areas of life, following motivational people on Twitter – usually ultra athletes like Rich Roll, Jason Lester and Brendan Brazier, humor, people who make me smile by being themselves, people who share their knowledge and wisdom freely, constant learning and application of knowledge, my military colleagues and the spirit of brotherhood we share, Brooks running shoes, seeing others succeed, vegans, publicly praising others when earned or deserved, keeping my word.


Running long distances!, clingy people, unrealistic expectations, whiners, complainers, people who make excuses instead of setting and achieving goals, spam, people who use and discard others for selfish ambition, braggarts, conceited people, cursing or swearing, liars, people who eat and drink garbage and poison and wonder why they’re near death, people who believe they’re leaders because of position or title but are only little piss ants in actuality, misplaced hero worship of athletes, musicians, singers, actors, etc., illiterate people who believe they’re smarter than everyone else and know best – closely tied to argumentative people whose knowledge of what they portend to argue is only surface deep at best, those who are sworn to uphold the Constitution who subvert it by their words, deeds and actions, people who only know how to take but never give, shirking responsibility, blaming others, people who tell you they’ll do something but never do.


4 responses to “About

  1. Tim, this may be one of the very finest About Me pages I’ve ever read! I am truly able to get a sense of your character and personality by the words you’ve chosen to use. Well done! I look forward to reading your blog entries. Best wishes with your triathlon and marathon endeavours!

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